A different approach to Leaving Cert Maths preparation

Historically, Leaving Cert students have turned to in-person Maths Grinds to help improve their performance in Honours Maths. I know, I was Maths tutor for a number of years. While teaching Maths to students, I realised this method of learning had a quite a few limitations:

  1. Maths Grinds are expensive, in some cases over €60 per hour
  2. The concepts learned can be hard to remember once the tutor has left.
  3. In-person training is inconvenient for both the student and the tutor. Travel is typically required and scheduled hours can often not be changed


Introducing MathsGrinds.tv

Over the past year, we’ve tried to address the problems above by creating a new online training product, MathsGrinds.tv.

MathsGrinds.tv uses short 5-minute videos on a virtual blackboard, to teach mathematical concepts, mimicking the traditional Maths Grinds setting. We’ve started by explaining solutions to the Leaving Cert Honours Maths papers for the past 2 years.

Content on MathsGrinds.tv can be obtained for a fraction of the price of traditional Maths Grinds, from only €8 per paper.

What’s more, our content can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device, providing students with much more flexibility as to when they want to learn.

We believe great Maths tutoring should be available for everybody, not just those who can afford to spend thousands of euro. Start today by signing up to MathsGrinds.tv.

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